Digital Solutions for Hospitals

Your Hospital, Upgraded: Transforming Care through Digital Solutions

Enhance Hospital Experience

Utilize the power of the comprehensive digital solution to guide and support the patients, visitors and staff members.

Time & Cost-Effective All-in-One Service

Envent can provide all the necessary digital solutions, including directory and mobile wayfinding, digital displays, and asset tracking, eliminating the need to engage multiple suppliers for each solution.

All-in-One Digital Solutions Platform

You can easily manage all digital solutions with our innovative and intuitive platform, Envent Cloud Content Management System.

Watch a Short Presentation

Watch a short video to learn how Envent can empower healthcare.

From Directory to Mobile

Elevate Customer Experience with Seamless Wayfinding

Say goodbye to confusion and frustration with our intuitive kiosk maps that guide your customers every step of the way, that seamlessly transitions the journey to their palms with mobile integration. Now, your customers can have the map at their fingertips, unlocking a whole new level of convenience.

The Reviews Don't Lie

My personal thanks to you and your team, not only for their outstanding development, but the genuine hospitality as well.

John French

National Domestic Services Manager, Defence, Downer Group.

You guys have come such a long way since you started and always produce amazing technology.

Nick Skleparis

Capital Works Manager


Mobile Wayfinding

Experience unparalleled navigation with the power of advanced wayfinding right at your finger tips!

Our Directory

Every piece of our hardware is conceived with attention to the finest details, balancing visual appeal, functionality, and ease of service.

Digital Advertising

Boost your revenue effortlessly with ads on your directory, ensuring positive ROI. Manage all ads seamlessly with Envent Cloud - your one-stop advertising platform.

Asset Tracking

These solutions depend on a simple yet versatile piece of hardware that forms the backbone of the networks that deliver a very long list of business and consumer benefits—beacons.

Incident Reporting

Elevate hospital operations with our bespoke web solution: Instant issue logging and rapid resolution for staff on-the-go

All-in-One CMS : Envent Cloud

Map, Mobile, Advertising, Offers, Surveys, and Reporting. Manage all contents in one platform.


Envent Australia

Envent is a professional industrial design consultancy specializing in providing intuitive digital navigation and wayfinding solutions for 25 years. Our passion for innovation, research, and staying at the forefront of technology drives us into new realms of discovery, ultimately leading to improved, tailor-made solutions designed exclusively for you.

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